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Small Group Training is designed based on the latest principles of sports science, which highlight that groups of 3-6 players provide the optimal setting for enhancing the athlete's technical, physical, and tactical skills.


By working in smaller units, players can
significantly increase their ball touches while simultaneously engaging in competitive,
supportive, and challenging interactions during technical drills and game-like scenarios.

This environment offers the most effective way to train for team sports while receiving meticulous coaching in a high coach-to-player ratio setting


Private Training sessions are exclusively tailored for 1 to 2 players, allowing for an in-depth focus on each athlete's specific developmental requirements.

Following a thorough assessment of the player's needs, we formulate a personalized plan aimed at
amplifying their strengths
while discreetly addressing areas that may need improvement. Throughout these sessions, our dedicated coaches provide individualized feedback and guidance, both on and off the field.


Private training serves as an ideal choice for novice players seeking to grasp fundamental techniques, as well as for professional and semi-professional footballers aiming to refine their skills in position-
specific scenarios and unlock the hidden intricacies of the game.



Technical Fundamentals Group is specifically designed for beginner players aged 5-8
and 9-12 years old. The program focuses on developing motor skills and coordination
through a series of engaging agility games and exercises.
Simultaneously, participants
learn the essential techniques of the sport and the fundamental principles of the game
in an enjoyable and encouraging environment.


Football-Specific Speed and Agility program is the result of extensive research, drawing insights from the most effective speed development academies. We've carefully crafted a program that seamlessly integrates the nine crucial components of speed development tailored specifically for soccer. While numerous programs exist, many overlook the essential prime factors that we prioritize: acceleration, deceleration, footwork, change of direction, turning, jumping, landing, running mechanics, and sport-specific runs.


Our program not only comprehensively addresses each of these key areas but also places a heightened emphasis on refining the nine critical aspects of soccer-specific speed and agility development.

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