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EFT is the premier supplementary soccer training organization in the Las Vegas Valley.

Why EFT?

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European Football Training brings the best methodologies from top European football academies to Las Vegas and the United States. Our founder has traveled and trained extensively in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, and Hungary to develop a unique program. This program caters to everyone from beginners to professional players, offering a detail-oriented and holistic approach to each athlete’s development.

European Football Training is the premier supplementary soccer training organization in the Las Vegas Valley.

Our professional coach and ex-professional athlete bring a touch of European football to you through their advanced methodologies and professional mindset.

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After a few seasons as a private trainer and club team coach, I realized many children in football are underserved. Each month, I encountered families whose children lacked confidence, technical skills, and sound decision-making due to inadequate training environments.

Research shows that training three times a week is insufficient for reaching competitive levels by ages 9-12. Realizing this, our mission became clear: to place each athlete at the center of individual or group training, focusing on long-term development. We began empowering players and families to adopt the right developmental approach to achieve their dreams.

Seven years later, our success is evident. We've had players reach age group national teams, join MLS academies, and go on professional trials. Hundreds of children have learned football fundamentals, improving agility, coordination, and achieving success in other sports and life.

Parents often come to me frustrated, feeling overlooked. Their children spend years in programs without proper instruction in fundamental skills or tactical thinking, and lack guidance on handling challenges and failures. This neglect creates a vicious cycle of trying to meet expectations without real development.

In the U.S., we excel in many sports but often overlook the unique potential of each athlete. At European Football Training, we focus on long-term development. We envision each athlete's potential by age 18 and tailor training to their current needs, considering their biological and cognitive stage. This comprehensive approach ensures success on and off the field—guaranteed.


At European Football Training, our mission is to elevate player development in the Las Vegas Valley by instilling confidence through technique, football IQ, and athletic prowess, and by utilizing the latest research findings.


We aspire to empower players to set ambitious goals and to foster a culture of resilience that equips them to overcome challenges and realize their dreams on and off the field.

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"Working with Coach Dani (Donny) has been such a positive experience.  Our son has improved his technique and has grown in confidence. The small group sessions provide a focused, yet fun environment to work on targeted skills. The immediate feedback the players and families get is so beneficial in player development. Since working with Coach Dani, our son has emerged as a leader on his team. We are very pleased with our experience in this program!"



"Gabriel and Zachary really enjoy training with Coach Dani. We've known Dani since the summer of 2022 and he has helped the boys improve their game.  We enrolled the boys in Dani's summer camp in 2023 and the boys had a great time.  They were challenged during the camp and because of this their speed of play and decision making improved. Dani also emphasizes the mental aspect of the game and takes time to coach and teach the boys how to think in the most difficult situations. The boys really appreciate his approach and although demands high performance,, does so with respect. We appreciate his help with not only improving the boys skills, but giving them lessons they can use in life."



I'm delighted to share my positive experience with Coach Dani. Grayson has been training with Coach Dani for 3 years & his growth has been magnificent.  Coach Dani's  exceptional coaching has significantly impacted my son's development in technical skills, speed, agility, and mindset. Under his guidance, my son has not only improved his on-field performance but also gained a profound understanding of the mental aspects of the game. Coach Dani creates a supportive and challenging environment that fosters growth, making him an invaluable asset to any aspiring young player's journey.


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